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Our strategy is simple: serve - not sell; collaborate - not compete.

Our goal is to be bona fide, i.e. reliable, dependable, trustworthy.

We are small enough to develop relationships with each and every one of our clients, yet agile enough to meet the equipment needs of companies all over the world. Our customers continue to prove this is a winning combination by allowing us to supply their equipment needs, year after year.

Are you an equipment owner looking for a partner that can facilitate access to broader markets? Are you an equipment dealer looking for transparent collaboration? Crank your expectations up a few notches and give us a chance to serve you.

Meet the Owners

Chris Johnson


I'm a beach bum at heart. Born in Denver, Colorado but grew up in a small beach town in Southern California. After high school I returned to Colorado and worked in residential construction before attending the University of Denver and earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Real Estate & Construction Management. After the U.S. housing crisis, I turned my attention away from residential construction and found a home in the heavy equipment world. I'm most proud of the relationships I've developed; I've met some of my best friends in this industry and it usually started with finding or delivering a specific piece of equipment they needed. I was just thinking the other day, it'd be a hell of an adventure to ditch the office for 6 months and travel the country visiting all those friends.

Favorite Movie Line: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” – Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather

Michael Hiskey


I am an adventurer who loves traveling & making memories, but having roots where my family is from in rural Virginia is not like anything else. I have two children and a dog. Outside of work & my family, I am passionate about friends, writing, and music. Educationally I hold an MBA degree and PMP (Project Management Professional) and was in the middle of my doctorate before realizing the educational field wasn’t the right fit for me. I enjoy my outside time and have been blessed with opportunities to hike some of the world’s tallest peaks, from Colorado 14ers to Africa’s Kilimanjaro, and I finished my first marathon at Disney this year. While my roots remain in this small town and my adventurous heart continues to lead me to new experiences, my main focus this year is to put a face and a handshake to every new business relationship I’m blessed to make.

Favorite Movie Line: “Aim small, Miss small” - Benjamin Martin, The Patriot

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